Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Patch Profile Story: Zelio NOTO

I wrote a profile story for the Cuyahoga Falls Patch about Lauren Ward, owner of the hip boutique Zelio NOTO. The story is called Zelio NOTO Anticipates 2011 Fashion Show. NOTO's third fashion show, Fashion is a Choice, will take place on June 18 at 8 p.m. in Akron, Ohio. Here's a glimpse from last year's show:

2010 Noto Spring Fashion show from todd v on Vimeo.

Lauren told me the story of how her boutique got its name, and due to word contraints couldn't include the details in the article. Lauren's husband, Jakob, worked in a building which used to be called "Motor G Designs" by the previous owner. In the window was a huge "Motor G" decal, but part of the "M" was missing so it looked like an "N", and the "G" and the "R" were gone. So it looked like this:


When Lauren and Jakob looked up the word "Noto", they discovered it means "famous" in Italian.

As writers, how do you come up with things like titles and character names? I think the story of how Zelio NOTO got its name is a fine example of the creative process. Sometimes it manifests itself to you in ways such as a faded window decal. There are other ways, too, what are yours?

Thanks for reading and Happy Writing!

Photo credit: Zelio NOTO

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